Frequently Asked Questions
What is my AWSC number? When joining as a new member, your Snobunnies confirmation number will be e-mailed and the number will be in the e-mail header. Also in that confirmation letter, a link will be provided to print a membership card, if you so desire. That same number is also on the white mailing box of the front page of the Wisconsin Snowmobile News which comes with your membership. Once a member, the club will send out e-mail blasts as occasions arise. Your AWSC # should automatically be on that e-mail blast also.
How soon will I see my AWSC # after joining the club or renewing my membership? Using the web-site, as stated above, new memberships take 5 business days to turn, renewals take 3 business days to turn. You will be e-mailed with your AWSC # with trail pass links in that e-mail. If the turn time has exceeded those parameters, feel free to contact membership, if you haven’t been already contacted by the SnoBunnies. Inquiries less than the stated time frame, are ignored….Don’t be that guy/gal !! Members whom chose to continue the membership process via snail mail & checks should expect a minimum of 10 business days for return notification by telephone.