The SnoBunnies Need You

Our groomer loan payments are $30k per year which we cover through various fundraisers with the cash raffle providing about $15k of that $30k. Without the influx of visitors and support from our members, non-members or members of other clubs passing through our trail system, we currently would show a loss of $5k on our raffle, rather than a profit of $15k; a $20k shortfall. We are one of the largest clubs in the state and we have the critical mass of membership to overcome this deficit if each member does a little bit.

There are a lot of governmental rules regarding cash raffles and we try to comply with all of them. The rules do allow you to request raffle tickets remotely if you send a check (paypal, etc are not acceptable according to state rules) to the SnoBunnies, PO Box 174, Presque Isle, WI, 54557 and tell us the amount of tickets at $20 each that you would like to purchase, your name and phone number and we can complete the raffle ticket on your behalf, enter it into the drawing and mail you a copy of the completed stub and ticket. Remember the drawing is March 2nd so please do not send checks after Monday February 26th.

Other ways to help the club are:

  • Make a small donation between now and the end of the season, $20 or so
  • Make a point of buying a few raffle tickets when visiting the area
  • Attend one of our upcoming events and participate.

Keep in mind, given the lack of area visitors, your odds of winning the cash raffle are currently 3 times better than at the time of the drawing last year.

Local snowmobiling clubs will survive one way or another, there are options. Unfortunately none of them are particularly good.