SnoBunnies Annual Meeting / Board Elections / Steak Feed($15) /June 22, 2019 / Legion

June Board Meeting @ 3:30p.m…Annual Meeting/Board elections 4:30p.m./Steak Feed 5:30p.m.

Annual meeting with related board of directors elections . Need 20 club members for a quorum.
4 positions are up for elections. Two members not seeking re-elections. Need volunteer(s) to run for two year term on the board. Will incorporate “skype” type communications for members whom would like to serve on the board, but due to distance issues, have been reluctant to serve on the board in the past. THE MAJORITY OF OUR MEMBERSHIP LIVES OUTSIDE THE PRESQUE ISLE AREA & MANY ALSO LIVE OUTSIDE WISCONSIN. Getting local volunteers to serve on the board has become a numbers issue.

$15 Steak feed to follow, salad, vegetable & desert.
Joe Osfar cooking.

Make reservation on web-site(Contact/Contact SnoBunnies/comment =”Annual Meeting/Steak Fry”)

Pay for steak feed on web-site on Home Page using (Make a Donation/Donate with a debit or credit card/special instructions= Annual Meeting/Steak Fry)……..easy, plus volunteer friendly.
Call 608-220-2708(Carl Schoenecker) leave a message….not as volunteer friendly, but still do-able.