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  • Normally renewals should take no longer than 3 business days to turn, if not sooner.
  • Normally new memberships should take no longer than 5 business days to turn, if not sooner.  Memberships are processed in "batches" to minimize registration club cost with AWSC.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your renewal/new membership with your AWSC # in the e-mail header, normally in the above time frame.  Links to AWSC & the DNR will be included in that confirmation e-mail.
  • We encourage renewals/new memberships between September thru the end of the snowmobile season.  December is a particularly busy month for all club activities.

Text, e-mail, or call(leave message)Membership if your application has fallen outside the above listed time frames

Please consider donating a few extra dollars to cover the cost of us using a Credit Card or PayPal. Two extra dollars pretty much covers the cost of using Credit Card/PayPal and goes towards maintaining the trails. Thank You

We understand your need for a current AWSC number relating to the discounted ($10)Wisconsin Trail Pass....... Plan ahead accordingly, prior to your initial snowmobile session. 
If the above time parameters don't meet your needs, we suggest you proceed directly to a DNR Sales Agent for the Trail Pass($30) or obtain online from the DNR for the Trail Pass($30).



Wisconsin sled registration must be current.

Name & addresses must match in both AWSC & DNR databases

Contractor mails Trail Passes for DNR, advertised 2 week delivery, usually shorter, however you can print a temporary receipt in the Pass process, for immediate use.  Some sledders want all their stickers on their sleds before their first ride of the season.  If that is the case, we suggest to start the club membership/renewal/DNR registration one month before their initial sledding session.  The mailing of the pass from a contractor of the DNR thru AWSC is the major time factor in receiving your physical trail pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my AWSC number?   When joining as a new member, your Snobunnies confirmation number will be e-mailed and the number will be in the e-mail header.  Also in that confirmation letter, a link will be provided to print a membership card, if you so desire.  That same number is also on the white mailing box of the front page of the Wisconsin Snowmobile News which comes with your membership.  Once a member, the club will send out e-mail blasts as occasions arise.  Your AWSC # should automatically be on that e-mail blast also.

Two Ways to Pay

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