5 Board Members Elected @ Annual Meeting / New Officers Elected

On Saturday June 11, 2016 at the Snobunnies Annual Meeting, five board members were elected for terms of two years.  Jim Luedtke, K.C Swenson, & Kevin Griffith were re-elected.  Brenda Dyre & Rodney(Doc) Swan were elected and they replaced Rick Strand & John Moran who had previously resigned from the board.  Thanks to Rick & John for all the tireless work they did as both board members and also officers.

The new board convened on Thursday June 16, 2016 and re-elected Jim Luetdtke and Chuck Piotrowski as president & Vice-President respectively.  Karen(K.C.)Swenson was elected as Secretary and Carl Schoenecker was elected Treasurer.

Club Officers are elected for one year terms.  Officer elections typically follow the Board of Directors election.  The new Board of Directors then vote on club officers for the next year.  Board of Directors elections happened annually, with staggered terms the nine member board.